Project Management Plan For A Project Manager Essay

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A few years ago I started my own company. I have been trying to get it off the ground so that I can follow my passion not only as a small business owner, but as a program manager. I have held several project lead positions, but I have yet to attain the project manager position all though I have basically been running all of the projects I’ve been assigned. With that being said, I hope to soon be running my company and the programs that I can capture. Once I capture these programs I will assemble the right team to accomplish the specific projects.
The Initiating process
The initiating phase of a project is where the scope of the project is defined and the funding for the project is allocated. In this process, the project manager will be identified it he or she has not been previously. The internal and external stakeholders are identified. These individuals, sections, or organizations will be the ones to influence the outcome of the project so we must interact with them to ensure all parties involved are on the same page. We will then capture this information project charter and the stakeholders register.
Once the project has the final approval, we will review the project requirements and identify what portions of the project may need to be broken up into smaller sections for better control of the scope. Each section will then be given a clear description of the objectives to be completed and the goal for each portion. We will also provide the desired goals for the project as…

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