Project Management Office Essay

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What is the purpose and mission of a PMO? 1
What are the main challenges and obstacles in implementing a PMO? 5
What structures and governance mechanisms are critical to effective PMO implementation? 6
How much PM is enough PM? How much PMO support is enough PMO support? 9
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What is the purpose and mission of a PMO?

The purpose of a Project Management Office is to define and maintain projects management standards that must be implemented and adhered to throughout the organisation. The project management office must standardise the way that projects are executed by ensuring that policies, processes and procedures are repeated in exactly the same way in all of the projects that are performed in the
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Project Management Tools: The PMO is responsible for providing the projects managers and projects teams with the tools that they need to perform their functions. In addition to providing standardised policies and procedures the PMO must evaluate and implement the necessary tools for the teams to be able complete their project on time, within budget and with the correct quality standards.

Assessment: The PMO must assess the projects, the programs, the portfolio, the organizational and projects management capabilities of the organization. In addition to this the PMO must perform audits on the organizational projects as well as assessing the project management maturity of the organization. As part of the assessment the necessary steps must be taken to improve the organizational project management maturity.

Training and Education: The PMO is responsible that the project managers and their team members receive the necessary training and that their skills are continuously updated based on the business requirements as well as any new methodologies and tools that the project managers and their teams needs to be aware off. The training that the PMO provides should be focused on project management tools, techniques and concepts but it can also provide training on other areas such as communication, leadership and negation skills which are all very useful and required in

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