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Module: Introduction to Project Management
10th March 2012

As outlined by Wysocki (2009) any project management methodology can be split into five Process Groups. The following table displays which Process Group addresses eachfundamental question. | | Process Groups | No | Fundamental Questions | Scoping | Planning | Launching | Monitoring & Control | Closing | 1 | What business situation is being addressed? | x | | | | | 2 | What do you need to do? | x | | | | | 3 | What will you do? | x | | | | | 4 | How will you do it? | | x | | | | 5 | How will you know you did it? | x | | | | | 6 | How well did you do? | | | | | x |
Table 1: Fundamental questions versus Process Group.
The Scoping
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Managing my own small architectural office I learnt first-hand the importance of Project Scoping. With proper scoping a project can flow very smoothly and efficiently, to the extent that the time invested in this process will be justified by the increased profits and lack of hiccups later. Unfortunately I learnt this the hard way as I recall once giving a bill for a property valuation to a client when all he just needed was an inspection (the result of very bad communication, as we corresponded via email only). The difference in work, responsibility and fees between an inspection and valuation were completely different; I ended up having wasted my time, embarrassed and a lost client.
I was impressed when I was researching on the Toyota Production System the high levels of efficiency (the elimination of work that did not give any value added to the product), cost optimization and profit margins achieved through the application of the “just-in-time” project management approach. Sugimori et al (1977) in fact outlined that further principles were being implemented such as “respect-for-human” and the Kanban system. Furthermore one can appreciate how such systems can be implemented locally as the characteristic parallels between Japan and Malta are quite striking (even though Japan is technologically superior);

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