Project Management For Appropriate Management Essay

1100 Words Oct 18th, 2015 null Page
Project Management is a way to manage, maintain and to monitor the progress of a project. Project Manager is responsible for appropriate management; it is their duty to organize, plan, implement and deliver necessities with in time. Project Management deals with the rules, regulations, procedures and disciplines with respect to a particular project. In the world of today, several organizations are using the applications of project management because it assists in avoiding risk and it measures or evaluate quantitative and qualitative project outcomes more frequently.
It can move without difficulty between industries and disciplines like IT projects, HR & organizational change projects, events management etc. because the span of experience and understanding allows to understand what is required quickly enough, and the approach is strong enough that can manage almost anything.
The topic that is assigned deals with IT Project Management Assessment; the project require going through an article related to Project Management Institute’s Project of the Year Award. After complete analysis of article, it is require summarizing how the project team exhibited exceptional and ethical project management practices. The project would determine the role and responsibilities of project team, the organizational setting, and the recipient’s approach to project integration management and the obstacles that had the worst impact on the progress of triple constraints. The details of this…

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