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Appendix C
Additional Running Cases

These cases are provided here on the companion Web site as additions to the four running cases in Appendix C of the text. Each running case includes five partsinitiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closingwith scenario-based information and several tasks to complete under each part. Several of the tasks involve using templates provided in Appendix D and on this companion Web site. Table D-1 on page 595 of the text summarizes the templates by process group, chapter where used in the text, application software the templates were created in, and the filename of each template. Instructions on using these templates and completed samples are available in the text. Instructors can
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Team members so far included you, a programmer/analyst and aspiring project manager (who also loved playing many video games geared for adult males), Eric, a young market analyst (another video game enthusiast), Katie, an experienced business analyst (who had never played video games and thought they were a waste of time), and Krishna, a young Web guru (who also enjoyed video games). Elliot also asked Adam, an experienced lawyer and ethics specialist for the company, to assist the team on the project. Elliot expressed his concerns about selling violent or sexist video games, and he wanted to look into marketing strategies that would address buyer’s ethical concerns. Elliot also hired an outside consultant, Michelle, to assist the team in finding recent research on the video game market. Michelle used to work for several major video game firms. At their first meeting, Michelle told the entire group that it was common knowledge that the greatest profits are from violent and adult-rated video games sold directly to 18-30 year-old males. Katie expressed her concern for the lack of girl-friendly or educational games. Krishna said he thought they should focus on sports-related games and make them available for more sports and in more languages. Elliot stressed the importance of doing a market research study that would be objective and address all of the potential markets as well as concerns.

1. Develop a team contract for this project. Use the template

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