Project Management Case Study Example

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Template Structure

Front Sheet

Name of Company

Project Management Handbook
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Comprises of the areas to be reviewed for a project. Each review topic is then shown as a heading; where necessary explanation of the topic heading is included.

Space should be left between the headings for notes to be made during the project review.

Project Size: Please note that the relevance of all the sections of the Handbook will vary depending on the type and size of the project. For example, a small 20-day project will not require a large infrastructure to be built to support it and project plans will not need to be broken down into several phases. The project manager should implement the project management infrastructure most appropriate to the size and type of project.

Project Methodology

Write about the methodologies available to structure a project management approach.

Examine the appropriateness, for your organisation, of two methodologies, in detail, from the list below. Compare and contrast them.

What conclusions do you draw?

Would you use the whole of the methodology? Part of the
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Project review at each phase end?

Deliverable - Project plan - Gantt chart, PERT chart?

Baseline - baseline the plan so that plan updates reflect catch-up/slippage

Updating the plan - weekly and show catch-up/slippage

Timesheets – how are they used - if not how is actual time recorded by team members and then passed to the project plan maintainer/project manager for entry on the plan?

Activity codes for time booking should be known

Plan should be published so that all team members can see what part they are playing in the project; it may be appropriate to issue individual project plans. What method of publication is available and what method would be ideal, for example: a web based interface.

Estimate review - team members should feel that they are committed to delivering a task and that therefore there is a mechanism that allows the revision of an estimate for a task

Project plan should be built on a resource profile which provides resources to be available at n (you decide - in the UK we use 4 days) days a week.

Every task or activity should have an individual allocated to

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