Project Management and Innovation Essay

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It has been asserted by researchers that the knowledge and skills possessed by a company`s employees, contribute substantially to the organization`s capacity to innovate. Stewart (1997) sustains this view affirming that: “human capital is the capabilities of individuals who are the source of innovation and renewal within companies”. Egbu (2004) explores the factors that lead to innovation in relation to the managerial understanding of developing the human capital and integrating those ideas in the organizational strategies. In the study of four innovative construction organizations, it was noted that these organizations have similar characteristics that contribute towards
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And what is the role of the Project Manager in this equation? Egbu (2004) asserts that every manager has a vision of the organization he/she works for. The importance of expressing this vision to the rest of the organization is paramount. Sullivan (1999), cited by Egbu (2004), argues that the company`s strategy needs to incorporate a long term vision and a clear direction and inspirational leadership. Covey (1989) identifies the importance of creating an organizational Mission Statement in order to achieve commitment and unity. This Mission Statement has to reflect the vision and values of all the people within the organization, creating a frame of reference, which they can identify with, based on correct and immortal principles. He also argues that managers with character, that subordinate personal interests to a higher purpose, gain the respect, loyalty and trust of others. And supporting the same idea, Rezgui (2007) concludes that trust and motivation are promoters of a knowledge sharing culture.
Although the complex construction projects have time, quality and cost as priorities, often neglecting the potential of innovation and value creation, a paradigm shift can be introduced within organizations. (Rezgui et al., 2010).
Innovation in the construction industry is the difference-maker nowdays; especially that competition has become fiercer than ever as the result of

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