Essay on Project Management : An Organization

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There is a need for knowledge and control of projects and resource commitment in the organization.

Project management is the way to plan, organize, direct and control a range of activities undertaken by a group of people who have a specific goal. This activity is carried out by a group of managers who act as unifying agents for particular projects, taking into account existing ones, such as time, materials, capital, human resources and technology resources.

Importance of project management

Project management is used in a variety of fields, such as in banks, systems development, product launches, special projects in the petrochemical industry, telecommunications, national defense, and in many other areas and industries. Technological change, the need to introduce new products to market, the changing demands of consumers of products, among other things, increase the flow of operations in an organization, this makes conventional administration methods are inadequate. For this reason, project management is important because it provides new ways of organizing, controlling and monitoring companies.

Furthermore, administration of a portfolio of projects serves to make better use of critical resources when they are limited in amount and / or time availability.

Every organization has projects

The organizations are divided into many areas and need to manage similar work. For example, a company could be divided into 5 different departments: marketing and sales, systems,…

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