Project Management : A Successful Project Essay

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In project management, a successful project requires a good decision making and a good project manager. A good project manager is a leader who makes good decisions and thinks about each decision cautiously and is knowledgeable. These leaders face situations that are out of their hands and can handle any challenges that should emerge. In addition, they keep the team focused on objectives, organizational strategy, mission, and challenges that may lie ahead during the project. According to Lepsinger, “A great team has shared goals, clear roles, transparent process for solving problems, and making decisions, and the ability to deal with conflicts constructively” (1).
Project Management consists of three essential objectives: Managing the budget, completing on schedule, and fulfilling the client’s expectations. If the three objectives have been accomplished, the project is successful. Furthermore, while meeting the objectives, decisions are required to be part of the process. “Decisions can be thought of as the action or momentum that enables project managers to move their projects toward success” (Baude and Powell 1). I understand it is imperative to make a good decision in project management. The wrong decision may cause failure. It is best not to utilized common sense at all times, since some of the decisions require knowledge and analyzation of a particular project. Shenhar and Dvir disclose, “Some projects teams lose sight of the business rationale behind their project –…

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