Project Management : A Project Manager Essay

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To drive any project to its successful completion, the role of project manager is very crucial. I worked in the telecom industry for quite a long time and delivered multiple projects. Based on my real life experience of working with the project manager, I will discuss both the skill sets and the areas of the improvement required of a project manager.
From the inception of a project to its successful fulfilment, the involvement of project manager is very vital. A project manager bridges the gap between the client and the project team. In the words of Gido and Clements, the skill set required of a project manager to win the client 's trust and drive the project team are the leadership ability, communication skills, negotiating skills, time management skills, ability to develop people, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills and ability to handle stress.
On the leadership front, my project manager always tried to work hard to get the really good awareness about the customer 's vision of a product before commencing any project. By having a better understanding of project goals and objectives, it becomes very easy for him to communicate with each and every project member about their roles and responsibilities. The project manager provides every individual with a complete independence on how he/she wants to achieve an assigned task. The project manager does tracks that the task is performed under the desired timelines and the allotted budget.
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