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As a kid I always thought science and math were the best subjects to study. Yet I always wondered why I thought these were of more worth than my other courses. During my high school years I learned that there are programs that focus on these exact subjects and prepare you for a career in these fields of study. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) classes are becoming more and more present in the classrooms of high schools, even traveling as far as middle school. Project Lead the Way (PLTW) and VEX robotics are two programs that help in the administering of these extra classes in the school system. All of these classes and after school programs allow students the extra curriculum for math and science fields that are needed in these …show more content…
Since the late 1990’s and early 2000’s the USA has struggled to keep up with the rest of the world in the fields of science and math (Olszewski-Kubilius). STEM classes will help change these facts. Giving students the chance to have hands on and active learning will help students gain and retain the knowledge they learn in class (Morrison). Not only that, but when students retain the knowledge that they have gained they will start to do better on tests. With both the ACT and SAT having a science and math portion available to take these classes are even more important. While no true study has been done on this scientists believe that classes and after school events could help test scores. Test scores show what the classes and programs are leading up …show more content…
In many cases there is some truth to having too much of a good thing. Burning out is a very possible thing to happen. Many of the students in robotics and in PLTW classes want to drop out of the class or out of robotics. In the interview with Alex this fact was present. He stated that even though he enjoyed every moment of robotics and the classes he had, at some point it became too much for him (Miller). The trouble with STEM and PLTW classes is that they are an excessive amount of work inside and outside of the class. Homework and essays are still part of the curriculum and the testing that is done is not to be taken lightly (Bottoms). However, is the program still worth it and the answer is yes. Any of the classes that are offered are a good lesson in hard work and if one puts in the time they can find their efforts will have paid off

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