Project Development Of The Design Project Essay

1141 Words Apr 16th, 2016 null Page
This individual written assignment captures the development of the design project through team contribution, interaction and project development. Each member of the team contributed to the project by working together in a synergistic manner. Once the organization was selected, the team needed to identify a topic in which to build upon, therefore developing the project in stages in order to capture all elements of the topic. The team began to strategize on how to manage the workload in order to insure completion of the project within the established time frame. Through constructive and effective communication we were able to devise a method of action based on a sensible, yet practical application. As a team, we decided that the best approach would be to divide the responsibilities in a manner that would be advantageous to the mission. Two members of the team were noted as proficient in writing skills, therefore they were assigned to writing the narrative. In order to effectively develop the narrative these two team members would need to complete sections of the project and submit them individually for review. Once that section was deemed adequate, it would be transfer to the second writer who would continue with the narrative. The narrative itself was divided into sections beginning with the introduction, body and conclusion. Other members of the team were proficient in computer skills, which proved to be very beneficial in in developing a detailed PowerPoint that…

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