Essay on Project Development & Implementation for Strategic Managers

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Table of Contents 1. Introduction: 3 2. Description of the study 4 2.1 Business Case 4 2.2 Business Case for a New Product 5 2.3 Aakash Tablet as the new product 6 2.4 Features of Aakash tablet 7 2.5 Specifications of Aakash tablet 7 2.6 Current discussion on Aakash tablet 8 2.7 Market competiveness of Aakash Tablet 9 2.8 Cost for development of Aakash Tablet 9 2.9 Resources and components for Aakash Tablet 10 2.10 Marketing Strategies 10 2.11 Success of Aakash Tablet 11 3. Conclusion 11 Reference 12

1. Introduction:
The revolution of products in the computers and phones are moving to every person and also growing in the
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G., 1998). And the final conclusion shall be such that it founds out the compelling argument for the purpose of implementation. Within a business case the short term actions are facilitating the immediate actions, measurable and the considerable benefits are easy and simpler in nature. While those associated with the long term actions have to manage the bottom line of the company’s interest (Koen et al., 2001). Those activities which are initially indicating the positive effects may show detrimental effects in the future run. In certain business case the projects are not very clear; neither provides proper documentation and is essential for this approval (Husig and Kohn, 2003). The main objective for the use of business case is to demonstrate the business that is basically needed for the purpose of expansion and for this given action, they confirms that whether the project is feasible or not, also considering the strategic internal and external moves of the project and even assessing, comparing and also contrasting the benefits and the cost relationship (Kim J. and Wilemon D., 2002).

Figure no. 1: Procedure for the Business Case 3.2 Business Case for a New Product
For the development of the new product the business and engineering is one of the simple process where it involves new product development (NPD) that brings up the complete process for the development of the new product and bringing that product from the manufacturing site to the market. A

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