Project Deliverables For A Network Design Model Essay

720 Words Jan 24th, 2016 3 Pages
Project Deliverables The primary key deliverables are to provide a system and network design model, provide setup and deployment documentation for the conversation of older systems to the new model. Provide training material for the organizations will be required, as well as documentation of possible issues and resolutions during the migration. The final key deliverable would be to provide the needed Continuity plan and Risk Assessment and Disaster Recovery plan documentation. The creation of a network design model as below, we can show the logical plan of how the physical equipment will interconnect. The simple plan show below, gives a basic plan for the initial setup of the environment before we proceed with the migrations of the older server systems. A final design model will be created that will contain detailed information such as the logical and physical connections and as well as the network connection address. The basic diagram shows that there will be three VM servers, each VM server will in the final setup contain a minimum of 3-4 VM servers, and these will depend on the needed running capacity of these VM systems. There is also a Data Storage server stack that will be used to contain all of the initial converted OS systems, as well as any backup data that is needed. A switch will be run through a firewall device and onto the current network infrastructure for the migration. As the project proceeds, we will need to anticipate any unknown factors as well as all…

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