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5. Dependency Linkages

In some cases, one project may be dependent upon another project’s deliverables; this linkage needs to be identified and its progress monitored. In other cases, a project may be dependent upon information from several agencies; the tasks and activities of the information gathering process need to monitored

6. Impacts

Organizational change management, retraining, increases/decreases in operating budgets are example impacts.

7. Measures of Project Success

This section describes the metrics that will be used on the project to determine how success will be measured. Such metrics might include how to measure customer satisfaction or might state what a “user friendly” system is

8. Assumptions

Project assumptions need to be defined before project activities take place so that time is not spent on a project that has no basis for funding. For example, support and attention will be provided by the Business Sponsor and the Steering Committee; resources will be available to adequately staff the project, etc..

9. Critical Success Factors

Describe those factors that will ensure the success or failure of the project. For example, the Organization Change Management Plan will be accepted, the system infrastructure environment will be adequate, etc..

10. Roles and Project Stakeholders


The following role definitions are being applied to the resources assigned to this project:
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