Project Assessment Paper : The Team Experience With Lisa

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Project Assessment Paper The team experience with Lisa, and Ashley had a very good outcome. We did some brainstorming for a day and came up with our service we wanted to put into existence. We agreed that social media would be a great place to advertise or services. It is free to advertise on social media, and with just starting a business free advertising is a great start to save money on advertising. Our communication as a team was well above average. If you have good communication among your team members then that is the key to working well with a team of people. Our service that we wanted to build our business on was helping busy families. We wanted to deliver a service that could and would help busy people that needed help running errands and deliveries. To You Errand & Delivery is the name of our business. Ashley Roady, CEO, Lisa Morandi, SVP Marketing, Connie Oaks, SVP of Deliveries. We are three busy mothers that wanted to build a business that would help people in need, for a reasonable price and at the same time make money. We founded our business in 2014. “To You Errand & Delivery” was formed, to provide deliver services of everyday household tasks, such as groceries, restaurant orders, dry cleaning, and pickup and drop off services and errands.
. Our business has 20 employees on staff to help us to run the business. All of our employees have a complete background checks. We are fully licensed and insured for safety. We earned our A+ rating with…

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