Prohibition In Florida Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The United States was still known as the land of the free, yet they were telling their residents they could not drink alcohol. The debate became more intense over time as more people wanted to drink socially and seemingly responsibly but were not allowed to by law. Elected officials were pressured to stand up for the rights of the people that voted for them and put them into office. Lobbyists were encouraged to pressure lawmakers and pay for lawmakers to be in support of those in the alcohol business. The profit of breweries and distilleries was greater when it was legal than the profit of running the illegal business of importing and bootlegging. Unemployment began to cause mental depression and the desire of those being affected to desire a drink of alcohol. The tides were changing and the people were speaking out against the once so desirable thought of an alcohol free Florida and …show more content…
The manufacturing, sale, and consumption of alcohol became legal once again. Certain laws remained in place to restrict illegal transporting of alcohol from state to state and being bought into the country, but people were allowed to consume, create and enjoy alcoholic beverages in moderation. Government was given the authority to limit days of sales of alcohol and enforce any dangerous activities like driving while intoxicated and being intoxicated in public. In Jacksonville Beach Florida, Chapter 4, Section three of the Jacksonville Beach ordinance code states that it is unlawful for any person to consumer any beer, liquor, wine, or any alcoholic beverage on any public street, the boardwalk, or public place that is not licensed to permit consumption of the beverages on the premises ( The ignorance of the law is not excuse when it comes to tourists that flock to the Florida area for the beaches and other attractions. They can be charged with a misdemeanor crime for consuming alcohol in the wrong

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