Essay Progressivism : The Progressive Era

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The 20th Century saw several changes take place in all sectors in the United States. Fields like science, technology, mass communication, and the economy made great improvements in this century. The 20th Century also witnessed the struggle for freedom by minority races and slaves and their liberty. These innovations, change in governance and certain ideologies transformed America into something similar to what the country is now. One of the most significant movement/ideology was progressivism. Progressivism is often used to describe a number of reactions to the economic and social problems and the political, social, moral and economic reforms that came with these responses. This essay focuses on the progressivism, the progressive era and the changes that the movement brought to America.
Progressivism was started as a social movement and later turned into a political movement. Progressives were people who believed that the issues and problems in the society were solvable through enabling a safe environment, good education and a well-organized workplace for the people (George Washington University 1). At the time, they were fighting against social ills like racism, poverty, divisions by class, violence, and greed. It has been written that progressives “offered an impressive array of reform proposals” because they aimed to end the social problems that divided America and prevented it from growing. Social progressives concentrated on exposing the greed of most corporates,…

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