Progressivism And The New Deal Essay

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This article represents who is an American which progressivism was a precursor to major developments of the twentieth century the New Deal, The Great Society in socially active state. In accepting the idea of race as a permanent, defining characteristic of individuals and social groups, Progressives bore more resemblance to nineteenth-century thinkers than to later twentieth century liberals, with whom they are sometimes compared. To improve social conditions, Progressives found themselves ill prepared to develop a defense of minority rights against majority or governmental tyranny (Eric Foner) First point in American Progressivism is called Race Problems. It is tensions that arose from the country’s increasing ethnic diversity that had become a major subject of public concerns. Race referred to far more than black and white relations. The Dictionary of Races of People, published in 1911 by the U.S Immigration Commission, listed no fewer than forty-five immigrant races, each supposedly with its own inborn characteristics. They ranged from Anglo-Saxons at the top down to Hebrews, Northern Italians, and lowest of all, Southern Italians supposedly violent, undisciplined, and incapable of assimilation. The new science of eugenics, which studied the alleged mental characteristics of different races, gave anti-immigrant sentiment an air of professional expertise. If democracy could not flourish in the face of vast inequalities of economic power, neither, most Progressives…

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