Progressive Era Through Great Depression Essay

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Progressive Era through the Great Depression
For this assignment I will discuss the major turning points in American history between the Progressive Era and the Great Depression. Analyze how some historical events shape America’s current society, economy, politics, and culture. Describe ways that women and minorities have responded to challenges and made contributions to American culture. Recognize and discuss the ways that formal policies of government have influenced the direction of historical and social development in the United States. Analyze the rise of the United States to a world “super-power” and how that status has shaped its internal developments in recent decades. Identify how changes in social and economic conditions and
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”During the mid-to-late 1920s many people had invested their money in stocks, or shares of ownership in companies. For a few years the value of stocks rose rapidly, making money for the investors. This encouraged people to buy more shares in the hope of making even greater profits. In September 1929, however, stock prices began to fall, and on October 29 they collapsed completely” (Great Depression, 2003).
Analyze the impact of the two (2) or more major historical turning points selected on America’s current society, economy, politics, and culture. The impact of Women Rights during the Progressive Era, women played more active roles in the larger economic, cultural, and political transformation of American society. This growth in women’s public roles allowed suffragists to be more aggressive in support of their cause as they developed stronger bases of support in the settlement houses, temperance organization, labor unions and reform movements that now sprang up across the country. The Ku Klux Klan made a impact, according to McVeigh “on the wide range of social and economic issues, targeting immigrants and, particularly, Catholics, as well as African Americans, as dangers to American society” (McVeigh, R., 2009).
The crash of the Stock Market was another impact, because with less money available for loans, fewer people were buying stock, so stock prices began to fall. This crash of the Stock Market cause massive unemployment and declining wages. People lost

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