Progress Reflection

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The Progress
On the first day of class, the nerves were undoubtedly there. I was finally taking an AP class, which I was placed in by my counselor, not having to write a paper to join because of me getting sick. My thoughts were swarming with thoughts of not being ready or that I was not good enough to be with the other students who had to participate in the admissions and were actually accepted. My nerves have calmed down since I have been in this class, me thinking I was not good enough became a much more smaller amount and starting to think slightly more confident in myself. I do think I have been appropriately challenged because it pushes me to get better when I do get points off, when I make the little mistakes, and to change the way
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That I also should start turning in essays printed off because the essay is then easier for me to examine and easier for me to acknowledge the edits others have made. Instead of trying to make the comparisons online and just reading a screen without making side notes for myself. While moving forward the class displayed my weaknesses and things I still need to become stronger on. Including my essay structure, which was horrible in Lord of the Flies but that weakness developed when we wrote our documentary project. Even though I am slowly making progress of becoming an college-level writer I still have things I need to become stronger on, including effective grammar and my word usage; the biggest weakness I have. I also had problems in the beginning of writing with rhetorical strategies, I was lost on how to make the essay lengthy instead of short and was not grasping the concept which one could tell by looking at my notebook activity sixteen but however the documentary project easily showed that I caught on and made major progress. There was also the help of talking about unnecessary words, really, very, ect. All these skills were developed from practice and the help of peer editing. The help of knowing exactly what mistakes one has made through the essay and given the opportunity to fix those mistakes, was and always will be a tremendous form of help. For example when Mr. Perry gives the opportunity for one to earn a little more points back on an essay. Which is after he adds helpful comments of what one has to change, get reworded, or any other mistake which helps because he doesn not mark every wrong thing though the essay meaning that if he forms a side note of you making a mistake once, there are possibilities of that mistake being repeated through the whole

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