Program Inception Essay

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April 29, 2013

The organization I would like to work or prefer to work for would be the elementary level of school, preferably a Charter School grade level first or second. Reasoning behind this is these are minds that can be molded to become successful. You can instill greatness into these young minds, it where it all begins. Reading, writing and arithmetic will be my values. Yes of course technology would be part of the curriculum as well as the arts (liberal arts). I want my student to read from text books not from animation on a computer, they have to learn how to work with their minds. Maybe later on I would like to become an online professor for undergraduate students, because the curriculum is
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It should involve long range of what the real purposes are so that the students can response accordingly. Curriculum design should operate on many levels. These designs should be compatible with those at the other levels. The challenge is to come up with a curriculum that works well. By the same token school curriculum itself cannot be effective as a whole unless the designs of it grades are in harmony. Briefly teaching at Central Charter School, I notice some areas that were lacking instructional programs that I felt would have been or should of be implemented at the elementary level of teaching .What I would implement would be Instructional Activities that would provide students with a choice even at that grade level. I believe these children should have opportunities to practice complex performances and key skills to get them to the next level in order for them to develop and demonstrate increasing knowledge of critical, fact-based materials and essential understanding that transcend the facts. Teaching at the elementary level you are preparing these young minds to grow and to understand what is expected of them as they learn the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Teaching science and technology will be beneficial as well. Under Instructional Activities I would make sure “to ensure that activities are integrated into units with coherent

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