BHP Case

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Profitability is the dexterity of a business yield profit. Profitability is responsible for the business to stay in the market or not. Profit itself is what left of the turnover a business beget after it pays all expenditures which contributed in the generation of the turnover (like product production, overheads, wages and other expenditures) related to the management of business operation. If the business is generating the turnover equal to its expenditure, making neither a profit nor a loss, company is said to be breaking even unprofitability is the financial loss faced by the company. The fast expansion of the company by way of acquisitions contributed to its lower and declining profits apart from other reasons. BHP’s return
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However, a lower ROE does not necessarily mean a negative sign as the company can further invest the capital for a greater return in the future. But, seeing the tension between the shareholders and BHP Billiton and the fact that BHP is financing itself through equity, it is assumed that BHP would decide to slow down its speed of expansion. According to the reports, the company’s operating costs excluding exceptional items increased at the rate of 11.8% per year over the last 3 years. Due to industry-wide cost pressure total costs exchange rate volatility and non-cash items increased while labour and contractor cost increased for one-third. It has become difficult for BHP to employ enough people and to meet local requirements due to its remoteness operations. BHP. In its annual report, stated that the tight labour market sets a new challenge to all operators, to which BHP …show more content…
This excludes property held for sale in the normal course of business, depreciable personal property used for business or government publications purchased or received for free from the government.

Working capital: Working capital is money available to a company for day to day operations. Working capital is the common measure of company’s liquidity, efficiency and overall health. Because it includes cash, inventory accounts receivable accounts payable, the portion of debt due within one year, and other short-term accounts. Positive working capital generally indicates a company is able to pay off its short-term liabilities almost immediately.

Transaction costs: The costs there than the money price that are incurred in trading goods or services. Before a particular mutually beneficial trade can take place, at least one party must figure out that theew may be
Someone with which such a trade is potentially possible, search out one or more such possible trade partners, and negotiate the terms of the exchange.
Apart from these other uses of cash includes distribution of wages and investment on other

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