Essay on Profiling Criminal Suspects And Evaluating The Suspects

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This week’s topic was very interesting learning about the different forms that psychology comes in to helping that law enforcement when it comes to profiling criminal suspects and evaluating the suspects.

The aspect of psychology and law research from this week’s course material is most relevant to the topic of interrogations and false confessions techniques that are used by law enforcement when evaluating criminal suspects. In the case that was presented about the Central Park Five documentary, it demonstrates how the legal system can fail, innocent suspect when it comes to interrogation methods, which leads to false confessions. An interrogation is to ask questions to a suspect. Therefore, some of the strategies of interrogations are first the negative incentives to break down a suspect’s defense, lower his or her resistance, and instill feelings of fear, despair, and powerlessness that the suspect has no choice, but to confess (Greene & Heilbrun, 2014, p. 167). The second is the positive inducement to motivate the suspect to see that an admission is in his or her best interest (Greene & Heilbrun, 2014, p. 167). And lastly, the fabricated evidence even if interrogators have no evidence of suspects wrongdoing, they can make them believe that the do (Greene & Heilbrun, 2014, p. 168). The false confession when innocent suspects confess to alleged crimes Greene & Heilbrun, 2014, p. 165). I consider that this is what happened to the Central Park Five suspects when the…

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