Profiling And Racial Bias Surface And Create Division Essay

1677 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 null Page
Recently, it seems our news is filled with accounts of excessive force by police. The stories grow as public outrage transitions to demonstrations and even riots. Allegations of profiling and racial bias surface and create division in our societies once again. Just in the last two years there have been five cases involving deadly force by police. In July 2014, on Staten Island, Eric Garner died as a result of the use of a chokehold by an arresting officer. The next month, on August 9th, Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri, during a physical altercation with an officer. Then in November, in Cleveland, twelve year old Tamir Rice was shot by police while playing with a toy pistol. On April 4, 2015, Walter Scott was shot in the back as he fled a routine traffic stop. And in Baltimore, Freddie Gray sustained a severe spinal cord injury during the process of apprehension and transport for booking on April 12th. He died a week later. (Journalist’s) These events combined with recent findings by the U.S. Department of Justice of misconduct by police departments in Albuquerque, N.M., Cleveland and Ferguson, Missouri, have spurred consistent public outcry in the past couple of years. In the case of Mr. Garner, there was a history with police in the area and he had been arrested twice before. In an encounter prior to July 17, Eric Garner had avoided arrest by refusing to be frisked or detained. A witness of that encounter, and someone familiar with…

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