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Profile Story It’s 6 a.m. on a typical Monday morning as he comes into work. He unlocks the doors for the students ready to come in and eat breakfast before class. As the doors to the cafeteria opens he is greeted by all of the employees that walk in and the general manager. “Good morning Mr. Bill,” a few of the employees say as they return back to their work assignments. “Good morning Bill,” the general manager says. “Here are all of the assignments I need you to complete for the morning before you get started cooking the food for lunch.” The 6-foot-1-inch chef smiles and greets each person with a raspy “Good morning” and a friendly wave followed by a grim white smile on his face. He accepts his assignments and heads to the back of the …show more content…
He decided to move to Houston, TX that summer and started working at a country club with chefs who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. After they molded and trained him with basic cooking fundamentals, he decided that he wanted to pursue a career as a chef. While he worked at the country club he also decided to apply to the Institute and got accepted in 1981. During his first semester he admitted that he became bored with the class work and the basic fundamentals of cooking. “Everything they were teaching I learned from the chefs at the resort,” Bill said. “I had to act like I didn’t know how to do anything, yet I passed everything because I did. The school sort of reminded of military school, but way nicer. They fed us then we would return to our rooms, but at least the food was made by the students there. I still had a lot of fun though.” He then took a break from the Institute to return back to Houston to work. Upon returning he discovered that his high school sweetheart had moved there and they got married in 1983. The following year they had their daughter while he worked as a Sous Chef for Norhgate Country Club. In 1985 he returned to the Institute to finish his second year and graduated in

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