Profile of a Place Essay

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Separate but equal is the approach that my roommate and I took when we moved in. To keep things separate, her things are on the left and mine are on the right. The equal part comes in if one of us wants to use something of the others (such as a nail clipper or a hair tie.) This means that almost anything we own is open to use with permission. We decided that we didn't want to combine any of our things just yet because we didn't know each other that well. I believe it's a good idea because it will reduce the chance of an argument over whose things are whose. Girls seem to be pettier about their things than boys. Having two girls in such a small space can lead to unwanted confrontation and bitterness. I'm not a territorial person, …show more content…
It almost reminds me of a bunk bed but instead of a bed underneath there is a desk area and drawer space. Jazmin and my self's desk mirror each other. We both keep the typical desk items in this area: paper, folders, binders, laptop, pencils, and pens. The only difference that I can fathom is that Jazmin has more beauty products on her side than I do. My bed has red sheets on it and a satin black and white comforter. I have two pillows for my enjoyment. Jazmin's bed has mint green sheets and her blanket is purple. Our door is one of the many that is decorated. Like everyone else, we have a dry erase board that normally has our name and a silly phrase written on it. We also allow others to write on it. There are pictures on our door too. Jazmin's photos are mostly of a water fight that her and her friends had before she left. She has little sticky notes on them that are cut really cute explaining who people are in the photos. I have a few photos also, most of them are of myself. There is a big record with my picture in the middle of it from my last high school play. The other pictures of myself are all senior portraits. My favorite one is with me holding a microphone and pretending to sing with a big smile on my face. The other pictures I have are of my parents and my brother. There are also a couple of me and my best friend Jimmy D. Our door is pretty full of pictures so I don't believe we will add

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