Essay on Profile Of The Entrepreneur 's Profile

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Profile of the Entrepreneur
The entrepreneur I chose for this interview assignment will be Dan Brubaker, a native Seattleite who is partner at Hands On Travel, his LinkedIn profile can be found at Dan Brubaker is operating a company under partnership with other three partners and the company falls under tourism and travel industry. The company Brubaker currently operates called, “Hands on Travel” is a travel agency that focus offering “hands on” experiences in small groups. “Hands on” meant direct communication in sign language with a full immersion with the locals and its culture just like “live like the locals live.” Due to three other partners with their own tour itinerary, Brubaker operates his own entity within the company to manage budget and tour itinerary easier. The company does not follow formal structure and title of each position; all of four partners usually have title of tour manager. Each of tour manager has full administrative decisions and access to everything relates to Hands on Travel like website, social media, and bank account. Brubaker’s responsibility can be every aspect of company’s operations like budget, itinerary, advertising, and social media. Each of tour managers has their own duty to ensure that their entity is operating and getting customers. Before Hands on Travel, Brubaker has deep background in event planning and logistics on his resume along with passion of traveling since his days in college. Currently,…

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