Profile of an Entrepreneur Essay

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BUS 101 Sec – 8 Group Project
Submitted to: M Saidur Rahman (Sdu)
School of Business, BBA Program
North South University

5th August 2010 |

Prepared By :
Ashiqur Rahman (GL) 1010622030
Syeda Faria Alim 1020907030
Kajiul Hazad Khondoker 1020440030
Imtiaz Faisal
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In doing this project, we have pushed ourselves to our limits, which we were indeed quite unaware of initially, so thank you for making us realize it.
We are highly grateful to each of our friends and team members for collectively putting forth the effort and dedication to complete the task assigned to us.
Finally, of course, this project wouldn’t have been possible without the kind support and co-operation of the entrepreneur herself – Ms Kaniz Almas Khan, her husband – Mr. Nashrat Khan, her sister-in-law – Ms Seema, Persona’s human resource managers – Nusrat Zebin and Mr. Khondoker Alam and other staff members.
Thank You Everyone.

1.3 Executive Summary:
Persona is known to be the most popular beauty parlour in Dhaka city. Its founding member is Ms Kaniz Almas Khan, who herself is an extremely celebrated beautician and one of the pioneers in bringing a modern beauty parlour in Bangladesh.
The journey-to-the-top has never been easy. Facing some common hardships that most entrepreneurs face, she managed to create a unique identity of herself and her company right from the beginning. After being expertly trained in this field by another famous beautician Geeti Billa, Ms Almas proved her worth by constantly updating herself through frequent training programs and participations in international beauty workshops.
From managing a modest loan to finance her new venture, Persona, and getting a space suitable for attracting and retaining customers, Ms Almas has

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