Professors Have Higher Academic Rank And Qualifications Essay example

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Professors have higher academic rank and qualifications then teachers. A teacher educates students from elementary through high school. Although they both educate students, their style of teaching, structuring the class and qualifications are different. They both have a different goal towards their students. As for high school teachers, their goal is for students to be prepared for college and postsecondary professor goals are to prepare us for the real world. Both teacher and professor wants students to succeed throughout their education and life. Professors and teachers are both very important to this society because without educator’s students will be ignorant. Professors and teachers are similar and different in many ways.
To begin with, professors are different than teachers in a positive or negative way depending on how the student takes it. Professors may not always check homework to see if its finish, but will assume that student’s are responsible enough to complete a task. Also, professors are not there to pay attention who’s struggling, if a student doesn’t understand what the professor haves taught student must contact him or her. Furthermore, Professors expect you to read and consult the course syllabus on your own, it also tells the students exactly what’s expected from them such as when assignments are due and how it will be graded. Professors don’t need to take roll all the time, but they will know when a student is present or absent, Professors have low…

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