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Module: | Integration 1 (Markstrat) | Professor: | Suman Modwel | Program: | Solvay Ponts MBA | Course dates: | June 23-26, 2014 |

Professor Bio + Contact information (approx. 1 paragraph): Dr. Suman Modwel is the Emeritus Professor of Business Policy at the ENPC School of International Management, Paris. Formerly in the Indian Administrative Service of India where he had the privileged opportunity of participating in the development process of his country both at the district and national policy making levels, especially in the international trade policy area as Director General of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and as Chairman of a very large public sector conglomerate (50000 employees) in the textile
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New alternatives can be tested without incurring the cost or the risk of implementing them in real-life situations. Experience-based training has proven to be the most efficient training methodology. Students must go beyond strategy formulation and implement their strategic plan through decisions at the tactical level, a challenge not provided by traditional pedagogical methods. In particular, the possibility of assessing the success or failure of marketing implementation over time is an important benefit offered by Markstrat.This simulation has actually other equally important “takeaway” lessons too apart from underpinning strategic marketing concepts, namely: - effective team working in a highly task oriented and competitive environment; - financial and cost accounting analysis; - proactive and reactive strategic decision making under time pressure (so common in the current business environment) after assimilating a mass of fast changing data It is thus a suitable integrative course in MBA programmes coming towards the end of the last semester which draws upon (recalls) the frameworks learnt in previous courses on Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and HR Management |

Learning Outcomes: On completion of this course you should have: * strengthened your notions of

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