Professor Snape Is A Hero Essay

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Within every story with a hero, there is always a villain. Professor Severus Snape, Hera, and Kronos are all villains. There may be controversy on whether the villains should be on the category of villain, but in the end, all three of them are villains. This essay includes Professor Snape, from the Harry Potter series as a villain. Then there is Kronos from Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Next is Hera from the Heroes of Olympus series.

Professor Snape is a huge controversy starter to any Harry Potter fanatic. It is whether his is a villain or a hero. To set everything straight, he is a villain that did heroic events at times. Snape became evil due to the fact that James Potter, his arch nemesis, bullied him when he was younger. On top of that his girlfriend, Lily,
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He is a Titan from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. He was always evil from the start. He became even more evil when Zeus made him vomit his siblings and threw him into Tartarus. He plans revenge as he gets a half-blood, Luke, to help him escape and destroy western civilization. Luke has a huge hatred to the gods. As Rick Riordan, author of the series, states, Kronos doesn't build. He only destroys (1).

Last but not least, the final villain Gaea. Gaea became evil when she wakes up and finds out houses and trash cover the world she loves. She wants to bring the world back to its original self when everything was pure. Gaea gets most of her children to take the gods down. As Rick states she is cold and distant (1).

To conclude, these villains will always be villains, it does not matter if a few heroic acts were made here and there. Though there will be controversy whether Snape is a hero or villain, he will always be a villain as confirmed by JK Rowling herself. Kronos will always be a villain as well. Along with Severus, Gaea also causes controversy on whether she is evil or not. In the end, human or not, villains will be evil. There is no way to change

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