Professor Faden's Fair (Y) Use Tale

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Anyone accused of copyright infringement is protected under the claim of Fair use as long as they stayed within the fair use guidelines; the borrowed work must be used for the following reasons: Education, Critique, Parody or commentary. Professor Faden has been wrongly accused of Copyright infringement over his “Fair(y) Use Tale” video by Disney, accusing him of stealing their Intellectual Property for his own personal gain. This paper will prove Professor Faden’s innocence and why his video should be allowed to stay online.
Fair use allows anyone to use only small portions of a copyrighted without permission from the author or distributor of said work. Professor faden’s Video falls under two of the already stated guidelines; Education and Parody.
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There is a sub-form of parody known as “mashup”. A mash up is taking several short clips and audio from several movies, shows, etc, and compiling them together to convey a message or to just give humor to the people who are going to view the mashup. Since fair use allows anyone to use small portions of the work, mashups fall perfectly under fair use since they are just short sequences strung together in one completed work.
The video also offers some critical commentary on some commentary on certain copyright laws and the amount of power given to the owners in a slightly comical way, characters being shocked at there being limitations to the iron grip of Copyright owners , and being angry at the strictness of fair use and how fair use favors the distributor over the

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