Professionalism Is Not A Right Essays

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Professionalism is not a right, but a value earned. To demonstrate the essence or quality of a nurse of excellence one need to be aware of the journey needed to attain such level of competence. This is a continuous process that involves education, skills and wisdom. To increase knowledge by means of education I was given the privilege of shadowing a nurse of 26 years’ in order to gain real time experience as well as insight into the mind of a leader. The knowledge gained was then applied to my arsenal of skills needed to establish wisdom and values essential to becoming a nurse of excellence.

Leadership Reflection Journal
Throughout the nursing program I have been endowed with the privilege of shadowing nurses in various stages of their career. One thing that has stood out to me over the past few months was that they all displayed leadership qualities, whether or not they were established or self-proclaimed leaders with a central goal in mind, patient centered care.
Often we hear the saying that not all can be leaders as “leaders are born, not made” (Wilkinson, 2016, p. 1057). Such idea stuns advancement, as we tend to undermine our abilities, making us failures before we even begin. Throughout my first two semesters of the nursing program I gave myself a back seat to my growth, standing in the shadow of other as they take the lead in clinical settings, simulations and labs, even though my ideas and input were as good or even better than…

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