Professionalism, Communication And Personhood Are The Foundations Of Nursing Practice

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The Foundation of Nursing Care
Professionalism, communication and personhood are the foundations of nursing practice. To act in a professional manner, we must find ways to communicate effectively while applying to concepts of personhood to provide the best possible care for our clients. These three concepts can be related to my clinical practice as a nursing student. In my experience I have witnessed some great examples of positive person work. However, I have also witnessed some examples of very poor person work. Fortunately, with a few changes, these poor examples can be fixed slightly to become great examples again. Professionalism, communication and personhood are the foundational elements of excellent nursing care and can be applied to my own clinical practice.
Doing Professionalism and Being a Professional
Professionalism a set of attitudes and behaviors that is formed by the melding of our own ideals and beliefs with the ideals and beliefs associated with our profession (Bruhn, 2001). There two major concepts in professionalism, doing and being. Doing is the base of professional identity formation, this is where everyone starts when they have no experience and little knowledge. Doing is following the professional codes and standards which are provided by a governing body (Godfrey & Crigger, 2017). This is done when the professional has yet to develop their own beliefs and ideas in regards to nursing practice. They are simply following what they have been told is…

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