Professionalism Case Study

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Activity 1: An Overview of Professionalism
1.) What does professionalism mean to you?
Professionalism is acting, behaving, and presenting yourself in a manner that is acceptable in a place of work, business, or place of higher education.

2.) What behaviors and attitudes are common to students or employees who behave professionally?
Students/ employees who behave professionally are positive, punctual, prepared, respectful, reliable, accountable, trustworthy, focused, and display strong communication and nonverbal communication skills.
• Positivity is a big part of being professional. In a place of work showing positivity indicates that you are confidence in your abilities and those of others. Having a positive mindset is part of being
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Being prepared in the classroom by printing notes, having your text book, or doing the reading assignment indicates that you are engaged to learn and actively participate in class. “Mise en place” or being prepared in the kitchen will be vital for a restaurants success. In the same way preparation is a vital behavior in order to achieve success in the classroom and workplace.
• Being respectful toward classmates, coworker, and teachers demonstrated professionalism. Both in the classroom and the workplace it is very common to encounter people who have different beliefs and idea that us. Professionalism is displayed when a person is able to look past those differences and still work with the individual to get a job or assignment done.
• Reliability shows professionalism because it indicates that you are trustworthy and can be depended on by your peers or coworkers. In the workplace reliability is an extremely important quality to have. As a dietitian you want doctors, clients, and other dietitians to be able to rely on you. Being reliability shows credibility which is an important in being a successful
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• Adopting professional behaviors and attitudes will help you become a successful college student because it will force you to be prepared. Weather its working in a group or doing an assignment, as a professional you strive to complete your work in a timely efficient manner. This forces you to utilize time management skills and being prepared every day in class. Student who utilize these skills tend to be more successful because they plan a head and are on top of their assignments.
• Being professional in the classroom by being punctual, prepared, and respectful allows you to build a professional relationship with your professor. This can help senior year when looking for recommendation. A teacher is more likely to write you a recommendation if you are always on time for class, come prepared, and actively participate.
• Implementing professional behaviors and attitudes in college will force them to become second nature and will help you during job and internship interviews. Presenting yourself in a professional manner in a job interview shows that you are serious about the job and should be taken

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