Professionalism And Health Care Organizations Essay

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Professionalism in the Medical OfficeProfessionalism is an indispensable element in the compact between the medicalprofession and society that is based on trust and putting the needs of patients above all otherconsiderations. The resurgence of interest in professionalism dates back to the 1980s when healthmaintenance organizations were formed and proprietary influences in health care increased.Since then, a rich and comprehensive literature has emerged in defining professionalism,including desirable individual attributes and behaviors and how they may be taught, promoted,and assessed. More recently, scholarship has shifted from individual to organizationalprofessionalism. This literature addresses the role that health care organizations can play toestablish environments that are conducive to the consistent expression of professionalism byindividuals and health care teams. We reviewed interdisciplinary empirical studies from healthcare effectiveness and outcomes, organizational sciences, positive psychology, and socialpsychology, finding evidence that organizational and individual professionalism is associatedwith a wide range of benefits to patients and the organization. We identify actionableorganizational strategies and approaches that, if adopted, can foster and promote combinedorganizational and individual professionalism. In doing so, trust in the medical profession and itsinstitutions can be enhanced, which in turn will reconfirm a commitment to the social…

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