Professionalism And Commercialization Of Sport

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Throughout the course of human existence sport has significantly changed not only as an activity but as a social practice. Sport is also seen as an agent for social change. Sport not only helps us enhance our skills, improve our health and well-being but has also helped shape our national and cultural identities. As we have looked at amateurism, commercialization and professionalism I will relate the sports section in the newspaper to these topics brought up in the course thus far. In the newspaper I have selected for this assignment the sports section discusses a variety of different sports that were popular back in 1908. The date of the newspaper I decided to choose and analyze was March, 5 1908. The main goal for this assignment is to look historically at what the sport practices were at the time and as well how the sports published by The Toronto Star were represented in society. …show more content…
Secondly, I will discuss the amateur ideal of sport and as well the commercialization of leisure and sport. More specifically look at the sports that have decided to commercialize their sport such as: boxing, horseracing and hockey. In this paragraph I will argue how sports at this specific time were shifting away from local and festive organization. Finally, I will discuss this popular perception of professionalism in sport and the growth and professionalization of team sport, more specifically in baseball and hockey. Overall, by looking at the history of modern sport through these historic newspaper articles we as a society will get a sense of how sports has helped shape cultural and social values on society, and as well help us understand how big of a role sport plays as an agent for social

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