Essay on Professional Software For Customers Changes

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Professional software for customers changes a lot from the programs that have been developed and delivered. When the customer utilizes the software it might just seem like one program but it is several separate programs and configuration files. The software is intended for use by someone apart from the developer. It is also maintained and changed throughout its life.
Licensing for doctors and lawyers could be the same for certain aspects of engineering. If a lawyer or doctor messes up it could lead to financial or physical damage for the patients or person being represented. The aspect of civil engineering should be licensed, for example like bridges or levees. If a bridge collapses it can cause a lot of financial or personal damage. If an engineer has professional licenses and certified it would show that he is more desirable and trustworthy. The good effect, for engineers, anyway, is that average salaries for engineers would probably increase, simply because the supply of engineers would go down while the demand stayed the same. But a bad effect it could cause companies to outsource the jobs overseas where they might not be as stringent.
1. Public- When you get feedback when developing a product for a client, asking and knowing about their interests for the product.
2. Client and Employer- When you are assigned a job being honest with the employer about your skills of what you can do or can’t do.
3. Product- Verifying or debugging of your products and showing…

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