Essay about Professional Section : Job Or Occupation

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Professional Section: Job or Occupation in Five Years

I am currently an Adult Probation Officer for Marion County Superior Court. My position as an Adult Probation Officer is rewarding when clients complete Probation successfully, or knowing I have made a difference in their lives. Working on the county level has given me a broad perspective of my client’s communities. In five years I would like to become a Federal Probation Officer. The most important milestone that is needed to ensure my position as a Federal Probation Officer would be to obtain my Master’s Degree in Management. When I receive my degree next year, I would also have three years of county level Probation experience. To obtain this position, I would need to have in depth knowledge of the Federal Laws and Criminal Justice System. I plan to study the Criminal Federal Laws and seek additional online sources over the next five years to gain more knowledge of the Federal Law.
Personal Section: Goal 1
Within the next five years I would like to future my education by obtaining my Doctorates Degree. I would love to hear my assistant say: “Dr. McEwen you have a call on line three”. I will have obtained my Master’s Degree through Indiana Wesleyan University and with high hopes my Doctors Degree as well. I am currently 27 years old, and my goal is to accomplish my education goal by my 30th birthday. My downfall with not obtaining my Master’s Degree sooner, was not starting the program right after I…

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