Professional Roles Nursing Wgu Essay

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Professional roles Lori Wilson WGU

Differences between a regulatory agency and a professional nursing organization Regulatory bodies regulate professionals in the public interest while organizations advocate on behalf of members for professional and public policy matters. The government has mandated regulatory bodies for health professionals to handle professionals in the interest of the public. The body protects the public by gearing the professionals to provide safe, ethical and competent care. Some duties of regulatory bodies include registration, standards of professional ethics, continuing competence/quality assurance, inquiry, discipline and standards of professional ethics. Individual restraints
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The Board of Nursing also helps to set the curriculum for college nursing education programs, as I further my education to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree and possibly my Master’s Degree this helps to advance my career options. As a member of various professional bodies, I personally belong to the AACN, American Association of Critical Care Nurses, this organization has helped me with education topics that relate specifically to the critical care patient. They offer webinars and education topics that are evidence based practice that I can learn from and also take to my ICU unit to help with various committee work to aid in improving policy and procedures that we use to care for our patients. How provisions have influenced my profession Provision 1 requires that nurses treat their patients with compassion and respect for worth, dignity and the uniqueness of every person regardless of social or economic considerations. As a nursing professional, I am indebted to be kind and respectful regardless of whom I am communicating to. I may be communicating with a nursing assistant, a respiratory therapist or a patient who is unwilling to cooperate by taking prescribed medications or treatment recommendations. This provision prohibits me from showing unprofessionalism by giving into personal feelings of anger or showing undesirable behavior which could lead to actions of being uncaring towards my patient. As a nurse, the expectation

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