Professional Roles and Values Essay

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C304 Professional Roles and Values

The face of nursing has evolved and changed since it’s inception. Today’s nurse is faced with cultural, ethical and technological issues that didn’t exist even twenty years ago. As such, nurses have had to continuously evolve to continue to provide the quality, selfless care that patients have always relied on them for, and expected, since the very beginning of nursing. From pediatrics to gerontology, nurses are serving a culturally, religiously and financially diverse population with challenging needs. In the face of this, nursing itself is becoming ever more diverse in it’s culture and skill set, which is helping the profession stay in the race, and continue to advance the practice of nursing.
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TBON also approves education programs for nurses, approves schools that wish to offer nursing education programs, is a clearinghouse for information such as the “nursing practice act,’ and enforces the rules and regulations of the state in regards to safe practice of licensed nurses. TBON is the issuing body for my nursing license and follows my practice, assuring the public and my patients that I am safe to practice nursing. The American Nurses Association (ANA) is one of a handful of professional organizations created by nurses, for nurses, and the one that I have a membership with. The ANA provides training, leadership and lobbying support for nurses. The ANA has chapters in all fifty states which provides paid members with things such as continuing education, social forums and opportunities for educational discounts for certain schools. The ANA and it’s state chapters also feature many meetings and seminars throughout each year, highlighting the continuously changing world of nursing. Finally, THE ANA is the largest nursing organization in the United States, and provides a powerful lobbying voice at the state and federal level to advance the interests and champion the profession of nursing. As a member of the ANA, i have personally attended two seminars which were directly related to my role as a

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