Professional Roles and Values Essay

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NVT Task 724.7.3-01-08
Wendy Scimeme
Western Governors University
NVT Task 724.7.3-01-08
A. Promoting Interdisciplinary Care When nurses promote collaborative interdisciplinary care, they are ensuring the availability and accessibility of quality health care (ANA, 2010). As the nursing supervisor in this clinical setting, I would hold a staff meeting with the family nurse practitioner (FNP), nurse, licensed vocational nurse (LVN), nutritionist, and social worker. I would ask them to speak about their areas of expertise and explain how their knowledge will enhance this clinical team. The nutritionist’s expertise in diet, the social worker’s fluency in Spanish, the LVN’s training in education, and the nurse’s specialization in
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It discusses using nursing judgment and interpersonal relationships during the delegation process and at the courses end, the author speaks about how to develop delegation skills. Learning to properly delegate ultimately improves the quality of patient care. B3. Delegation Opportunities The nurse in this scenario has 4 colleagues in the clinic that she can delegate to: the LVN, nurse, nutritionist, and social worker. Ms. R had recurrent urinary tract infections; the nutritionist can review her food and fluid intake and the LVN can teach prenatal care based on the nutritionist’s evaluation and recommendations. The nurse in the clinic can explore community resources that may be available to assist Ms. R. The social worker, however, is the most important person in these collaborations because it is probable that Ms. R does not understand English and needs an interpreter. The social worker is fluent in Spanish and her presence will not only raise the comfort level of Ms. W, but will assure that she is receiving the required information that is pertinent to her pregnancy.

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