Essay on Professional Presence

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Professional Presence and Influence: A. Professional Presence 1. Era I – “Mechanical Medicine” began in the 1860’s. Its focus is on surgical procedures and drugs. The thought was that health and illness are only physical in nature and consciousness is equated to functioning of the brain. Era I thinking in displayed in review of psychiatric care in the early 1900 with the use of frontal lobotomies to cure hysteria. The thought was that performing a surgical procedure on the brain will remove the area that is causing the Hysteria. Era I focuses on performing a procedure or providing a medication to fix the body physically, while Era III takes into account the patients perception of health, their stats of mind and their support …show more content…
This and many other examples have made me relate most to the body/mind/spirit Era III, but in my work group Era I – physical body is still the primary area of focus. I believe in the power of prayer and its influence on the individual praying and the health of others being prayed for. I believe that the state of the mind of the patient can influence their overall health status and their ability to get better or worse. My mother always told me “mind over matter” when I was feeling ill and I truly believe I could feel better or worse based on my state of mind. I think that the physical state of the body, the state of mind of the patient, if they think they can get better or not and the power of prayer all have great influence on the patients overall outcome. 3. I consider myself a mindful person. Mindfulness being defined as an individual learning process characterized by a heighted awareness of the specific circumstances in a given situation (Jordau, S. “Reflection and Mindfulness in Organizations”: Management learning: 2009) I use critical thinking when making decisions, and can process and do that very quickly in emergent situation. I think that is a hallmark of a good Emergency or Critical Care nurse. I try to ensure I keep a state of mindfulness when working. It allows me to look at each

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