Professional Presence Essays

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Professional Presence
A. Professional Presence:
Physical Body is centered primarily on the physical facet of health such as drugs and surgery. The mind of consciousness is likened with functioning. Bio-psycho-social is centered more on consciousness. Physical Body focuses predominantly on the human as a Physical Body and what can be done to fix it physically. Bio-psycho-social states that the mind is unlimited and boundless. In Bio-psycho-social the understanding came about that a person’s mental health can affect their physical health as well as the health of other people around them (Dossey).
Mind-body medicine uses the power of thoughts and emotions to influence physical health (University of Maryland Medical Center). While I agree
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The Artisans can relate best with this personality because they would feel they are similar in achieving goals however would get frustrated at the drawing of a line. (, 2014)
I feel conflict would come with the guardian because the guardian focuses on their duties while not bending the rules where, the artesian looks for ways to complete several projects at once and is willing to bend rules to get there. Each of these groups would look at each other with a sideways glance.
C. Mindful Practices:
• Exercise on a regular basis. Minimum of 4 days a week
• lose weight to get to a acceptable BMI
• Balance family with work, school
• Better self-care
• Stress Reduction, except help from others.
• Challenge myself, bye learning a new medication every day.
Biographical/Spiritual Body:
• Reconnect with my spiritual body
• Reconnecting my family with their spirituality.
How to achieve these:
• Spend at least 4 days a week in the Gym.
• Eat healthier foods and decrease caffeine intake
• Create a schedule, allowing for, school, work, and family.
• I need to take more time for eating proper foods and less fast foods.
• Reduce my stress bye realizing others are willing to help and trusting that they will help
• I will look up one new mediation a day to expand my knowledge

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