Professional Presence and Influence Essay

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Professional presence is an analysis of our past, present and future. It is a construct of our knowledge, our influences, our self-awareness and practices. It comes down to how each of us understands what it means to be human and how to care for one another. This is always evolving based on new experiences and knowledge. Through looking over time at the view point of humans, to personality tests, to personal development and lastly looking at optimal healing environments this paper will construct my professional presence and look at ways to improve my ability to care for others.
A1. Models of health and healing: A comparison of 2 Eras
In Dr. Dossey’s “A Conversation About the Future of Medicine” he discusses his theory of
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Dossey refers to this as the, “psychosomatic aspect” and that this mental component can affect the body’s functions. One classic example of this is high blood pressure or peptic ulcers (Dossey 1999). Era III, also thought of as Body/Mind/Spirit or Bio/Psycho/Social Model, which resides at the current and not so distant past. The biggest portion of this Era is that it includes not only the mind and body but the spirit or mind-to-mind in that how we can effect each other. A perfect example of this is how a nurse can lift a patient’s spirits when a good laugh and smile. Also how support group members can help another member cope. He refers to this as the “Nonlocal mind-mind” and states that it is “boundless and unlimited” (Dossey 1999).
At further review a comparison on Era I and II will see how medicine has changed its ability to care for not just the body but the whole person, taking into account our humanity. In Era I physicians were had an idea of what the physical body looked like in and out, medicine was more about cutting out or altering parts of the body that were either diseased, damaged or didn’t belong. Physicians were gaining more and more knowledge however about how the body worked, especially the mind. This saw a rise in treatments like shock therapy. This was also a time when anesthetics were starting to be used because through scientific

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