Professional Presence and Influence Essay

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Professional Presence and Influence

Professional Presence and Influences To feel completely human one have to be able to care for themselves and also for someone else in a respected and nurtured manner. According to Dr. Koerner, one consider them self valuable and useful when they are able to contribute to wellbeing of themselves and others that they connect with (Koerner 2011).In all profession, professional presence and influence is a continuous life long process that requires one to first understand their feelings, attitude and understanding of why they choose the
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My philosophy as a nurse is to practice my profession with compassion, respect Professional Presence and Influence and love for all mankind regardless of color, gender, age, belief or their medical condition. I pray that when I live this earth, I would have made a positive difference in some one’s life. A1.Model of health and healing: Comparison between two models of Eras of healing and healing.
According to Dr. L Dossey a Physician and a medical theorist who developed the healing and healing theory, he began by combining a scientific, mind and spiritual principle use of ones seeking to be a state of wellbeing. His theory is developed by the examination of the changes that occurred in medicine in the later part of the year 1800’s and into the 21St century. He divided the Eras into three categories. Eras 1, 11, and 111 where the he demonstrated that healing takes place in human from the mind and body. The body is the physical make of human and mind is the physiological make of human. The mind of the human he connect with the soul which is the spiritual part of human.
In Eras 1 he also stated that the period of 1860’s was the beginning mechanical medicine where health and illness was considered to be completely physical and the healing process should be a physical in mature. An example of a

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