Essay on Professional Practice In The Early Years Settings

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Professional practice in the early year’s settings

Understand the scope and purposes of the early year’s sector
Explain how the range of early year’s settings reflects the scope and purpose of the setting
The early year’s sector has been at the forefront of the government’s agenda over the past 10-15 years and there have been huge changes in response to social and economic development.
In October 2003 the EPPE report was published where the effects of preschool education on 3-4 year olds were studied. A selection of provisions were selected including work with children with minimal preschool experience. The main findings were
• Pre-school experience, compared to none, enhances children’s development.
• The duration of attendance
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When looking at evidence and research it is important to remember that some studies are based on small numbers of children and might give a superficial view, research often contradicts each other, and research can be poorly reported by the media

Understand how to support diversity, inclusion and participation

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