Essay on Professional Organized Groups At My Facility

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There are three professional organized groups at my facility that are in charge of new policies and procedures that get introduced, tested and implemented, including Unit Based Councils (UBC), Policy and Procedure Advisory Group (PPAG) and Professional Nursing Council (PNC).
The UBC provides a forum for dialogue and communication among professional nurses (RNs) at the point of impact, the patient care unit level. The UBC works together with nursing staff in the care unit to identify and resolve clinical practice and patient/family care issues and participates in shared decision-making through collaboration with patient care unit leadership. This group consists of Registered Nurses who currently work on hospital unit, the manager of clinical operations (nurse manager), and the unit educator. This group has many responsibilities including but not limited to promoting and implementing Relationship-Based Care as documented in the organizations Nursing Care Delivery Model, identify and resolve unit-based nursing practice issues, ensure nursing practice standards, including specialty standards, identify educational needs of the unit, evaluate effectiveness of educational programs and initiatives, promote educational and professional development, implement, monitor, and evaluate the use of mentors with new nursing staff, monitor and evaluate the quality and appropriateness of patient/family care delivery, monitor and evaluate the safety of the patient/family care environment,…

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