Essay on Professional Issues

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DIK7230 Assignment Two – A. Shuttleworth

Professional Issues Assignment.


In this assignment, I will review the debate on professionalism. Looking at the teacher as a professional and discussing their professionalism. I will highlight the differences and the similarities between professionalism in education and several other professional vocations. I will discuss the shifting views of professional status of both mainstream teachers and FE teachers, and developments and where I see the FE sector heading.
I will go on to review conceptions of reflective practice in the context of professionalism, focussing on several models of reflection.
I will review my own values and continuing development needs in both the
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SpenceIely is saying it is by following this path mainstream teachers achieve their professional status, their club membership. These definitions do not apply to FE teachers, who have entered education by their expertise in a given occupation and an altruistic desire to ‘do good’. She cites Lucas who: ‘notes that, historically, educators in further education ‘have seen their qualification or expertise in …[a] …vocational area as sufficient for teaching’, noting that this has had the effect of placing ‘specialist knowledge above pedagogy’ (Lucas 1996, p.69).

I think that it is because of this attitude to pedagogy that professionalism within further education has been contested. This point is highlighted when Spenceley comments:

‘In contrast to the accepted norms of professionalism, the vocation of FE ‘educator’ is a fragmented concept, being based primarily on skills and trade knowledge rather than on the canons of academic and pedagogic knowledge. The ethos which underpins the ‘profession’, while broadly conforming to that of education per se in that there is general emphasis on student learning,’ (Spenceley, 2006, p. 294).

By the term ‘fragmented’ I think she means that educators in FE teach a wide range of differing subjects, and may have been isolated and set in

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